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 A tribe of women on a journey to living our God given dreams and walking in our purpose. 

Discover The Woman of Purpose Network 

The premise of our work, passion and purpose is simple - We want to ignite the potential in those we serve. We write, speak and teach to an audience in over 159 countries, providing relevant, actionable resources for them to pursue their dreams and live out their purpose. In 2014, Jessica Chinyelu took a leap of faith and officially began her journey as a talk show host and launched The Woman of Purpose Network on YouTube. Her breakout show was Dialogue and had no idea what it would evolve into. 

The Dialogue Show with Jessica Chinyelu, became an avenue for Jessica to cover a variety of topics to meet the needs of the Woman of Purpose audience. Two years later, in response to those diverse needs the Woman of Purpose podcast was created as well as a vlog series. Each show is true to our ministry and the personality of our founder. We hope you find each show insightful and relevant to your own journey in life. 

Mission (3).png