Woman of Purpose has been completely out of pocket. Thats right! Every program we’ve hosted has been accomplished  through partnerships with other organizations, donations or the dedication of members coming together out of pocket to make an IMPACT. All donations fund our programs and operations of the organization to keep it running effectively. No one on our team receives compensation and everything we've accomplished has been through the service of our amazing volunteers. 

We have a MASSIVE vision and BIG dreams as an organization on top of what we’re currently accomplishing. Some of this includes expanding the Woman of Purpose Conference to various parts of the world and to build a Woman of Purpose Resource & Program Center for women within the next three years. 

God has blessed us tremendously to be able to achieve what we've done so far and it is only going to be greater from here on out! When you give to Woman of Purpose, your contribution no matter how big or how small greatly helps further the mission of Woman of Purpose around the world. Thank you for your interest in partnering with us and we ask that you continue to keep our ministry and provisions in prayer!