Finding Myself


Hell hath no fury..

Greater than the times my life was weary.

Born into sin..

When will I live again.

The day that I lost myself is the day that I found me.

The greatest gift ever was redemption.

It didn’t matter that I was illegitimate.

My past, before, I constantly tried to get rid of it.


I wanted to disappear at one point.

Because I didn’t turn to liquor or smoke a joint.

I had no escape.

There was no superhero clothe in a cape.

I was trapped in my mind.

I desperately wanted to leave the bad things behind.

I wanted to become blind.

Have just a portion of some peace of mind.


It drove me to the point of questioning my existence.

The bad times why were they so persistent.

Until one day I decided to take an initiative.

If I wanted a change, I had to rearrange.

My thoughts.

The things that I accept.

What I believed.

All negative things would have to leave.


There would have to be a sacrifice.

Because finding yourself is about killing your old self.

It's about working on becoming the best you.

Finding yourself is learning to love you completely.

I didn't use to..but now I know.

No one will ever love me if I don't display love for myself.

Never again will I sell myself short.

Thank God I finally know my worth.

    Jasmin Bledsoe


Jasmine Bledsoe is a purposed writer, blogger, and speaker who believes and promotes self discovery.  Her mission is to inspire others through the transparency of her life and experiences. It is her hope that by sharing her writings someone is inspired to live the life and purpose that they were created for, knowing that God uses the most unpleasant situations to build the most incredible person. You can read more by visiting her website