Moving Past Unbelief

BY Oluwadamilola Oshodi


Lets give a little back-story before we get into the post.  Now, if you want to see how to piss God off, lets take a look at the Israelites. A 40 day journey, took 40 YEARS. YES lady’s and gentleman, 40 YEARS. Now, I could easily put the bible verses here, but again I encourage you to read for yourself. I’ll place the reading HERE, or you can get your bible and read Numbers 13:25-33. Also, read Numbers 14: 26-38 or click HERE

You read it? Great! Just to give you some info before we delve into the topic of unbelief. Today’s post is going to be based on this book in the bible, Hebrews.  Bruh, if you have not read that book I suggest you do so. Again, I encourage you as a follower to read your word for yourselves to get a clearer understanding.  (click here for verses)  Isn’t bible study fun lol, I know I’m being somewhat dramatic, but, its ok, its all for your growth.

Spiritual Detours

When it comes to Hebrews, Paul receiving a word from the Holy Spirit. Basically saying, that the only reason the Israelites did not receive at that time all God promised, was because of unbelief. God gave them a word, that they would enter a land flowing with milk and honey (blessings, favor, abundance). The result, they chose not to believe. Now, unbelief may seem minuscule, but it births a lot of spiritual detours in our lives.

The unbelief the Israelites had gave birth to FEAR. This fear blocked them from receiving the blessings God told them they would receive. The circumstances that did not look favorable, paralyzed their thinking, ultimately making them think they would enter the land by their own strength; which we all know is not possible to do tasks in which the human mind cannot perceive on our own. These fears lead to DOUBT. They doubted the strength of the lord. How could he have led us this far? Is he going to deliver? Can I please run back to what I used to know? Who am I? When you want to go back to your old self and environment, its time to really check the situation immediately. Especially, if God personally delivered you. Now I’m not saying you should not ask questions, God can answer them, for he created all things. However, if you are for sure for sure receiving and knowing you have received a word from God, its best you stay away from doubtful questions.

The doubt in which they felt, then led to DISOBEDIENCE. They stopped following the lord by letting go of their trust, and began to rebel. Rebellion came in the form of complaints, and whining, basically not giving praise for what the Lord had promised. Lastly, this disobedience to the instructions of the lord ultimately caused them to SIN. Sin is what causes us to separate from God. The voice that once boomed in our hearts becomes softer and softer till we can’t hear it.

Lets Check Ourselves

I want to make one thing clear. When it comes to the word, we cannot believe that this type of things don’t happen today. We can’t detach ourselves and feel this is old news. This is real and it’s happening in many of us on different levels. I’ve been saying for the longest that we are the Israelites. We can find correlations with ourselves in their stories. Is it not true?

The Holy Spirit urges us in Hebrews 3 not to harden our hearts when we hear from the lord. God does not like to repeat himself. If he gave you instructions or a word of any sorts, he expects us to either follow through and or wait on him. The lord simply wanted the Israelites to check out the land, report and capture. They got scared, like many of us do and started to doubt the lord, which left them in unbelief. When we stop believing the word and promise we gained from God, internally we are telling him, he is not the author of our lives. We are in control and NO we won’t listen.

This can lead to a prideful spirit, because we may believe that the word God gave us does not make sense; due to the circumstances, so we take matters into our own hands. Therefore, we are telling God he is NOT who he says he is. The creator is not a fan of people discrediting his name.

When we let ourselves fall to unbelief, we end up messing up the blessing. By engaging negative thoughts, which can become reality, trying to control the situation the way we want and not allowing it to grow naturally. We as humans are an interesting group. It’s just another reminder of how much we need the lord.

Renewal of the Mind

Look at it like this. If God has blessed you with something, stop questioning the blessing. I understand, some blessings we have to put work in, to prepare ourselves for them. And that scares us because we think we should just receive it. But if God tells you it’s yours, then it IS! No matter the wait.  We should refrain from second guessing the word of the lord. Also, if God is telling you to do something, let us not harden ourselves not to hear instructions (maybe its not in the way we expected) let’s embrace it and ask him for strength to endure the process. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

The lord has been so gracious to me personally. I doubt him at times on certain issues. Lord is this for me? Like, is this really really for me? Like really really mine? Are you sure God? If it is, give me a sign (He does) ok, give me another? (Don’t hear from him on the topic till God knows when). I write this because the Holy Spirit had to check your girl this week on this topic. Will explain at a later date, wait on it.

Therefore, instead of us to question constantly, let us just praise him for hearing his voice and promising us something we could not have imagined. It’s another way God wows us. He knows we can’t do it on our own. He is waiting on us to ask for help. We need to shake loose the unbelief that we received a word from God, and just glorify him by being obedient. I’m not saying by tomorrow you will be better. Nah. But when thoughts of unbelief surface in your mind, let’s praise God in those moments for the word. Even if you are scared, make a conscious decision to wait on the lord and not let fear or anything deter you from receiving. Let’s actively pursue a renewal of the mind. Until next time….

Bye Friend!

Oluwadamilola Oshodi

A 22 year old college student in the city of Miami, who aspires to be in medicine in the future. Oluwadamilola popularly known as Dammy is aphotographer, organizer, bible reader and cupcake eater.