7 Ways to Help You Do What God Asked You To Do

By Oluwadamilola Oshodi

Hay friend!

This past two weeks for me has been pretty interesting. Preparing for exams. gross.  Trying to figure out my life, even grosser. Trying to wrap my mind around God using me as a mouthpiece… interesting. Let me explain. This past Wednesday I held a fellowship on campus, talking about having an authentic relationship with God, what tools to use to build this relationship etc. It was a lot of fun to talk with others, hear other people’s journeys and struggles and how they meet with the lord. It was a humbling and eye opening experience in which I’m glad the lord used me to be apart of. Honestly, I’m grateful.

But let’s be real.. Getting to that point was not all good and dandy. There were a lot of mind games going on. Can I get real with you? There was some doubt, lack of confidence that I had to battle within myself. Voices telling me it’s not worth it, don’t bother, no one will come. blah blah blah. Circumstances, even the day of, distracting me from being comfortable in achieving the goal. So many perceived issues. But I’m here today to share with you some lessons I learned that I believe will benefit you to actually doing what it is God sent you to do. Through the obstacles, the job will still get done, when its’ a God idea. So here we go! The 7 ways to help you do what God asked you to do:

1.Be Intentional About Making the First Step

So the idea had been in your mind now. You feel that God is asking you to do something. You have prayed about it and gotten your conformation.. Now what? Let your mind be focused on actually doing that first step. You know what it is. Whether you need to plan an event or talk to someone. The first step may be to pick up the phone and dial a number. Literally. Or make a format for an event. I tell you this, when you can just make the initial step, and do it with the purpose in mind, the rest will become so much easier to do.

2. Whatever Vision or Feeling the Holy Spirit Has Put on Your Mind and or Heart, Let that Be Your Game Plan.  

God gave us an imagination. It allows us to dream things. Things we may not believe are possible. Don’t let that imagination go to waste and don’t ignore it. I feel the way the Holy Spirit communicates is by giving you a continuous picture of the task you have. Or pressing a certain type of urgency to do something or call someone on your heart. I say if it’s a recurring theme, don’t sleep. That’s probably God communicating with you. This for me is a clear indicator God is speaking to me about something or someone. Maybe I need to talk to someone and their face and the convo keeps coming up in my head and whenever their name is mentioned, my heart feels something.

Use whatever inspiration he is bringing forth to be a driving force for what steps you will take to achieve the goal. The human mind is a powerful tool. The trinity knows this. As well as the heart. Trust what God is showing you continuously.

3. Tune Out the Negative Voices (the Enemy) 

There will be a million and one things convincing you what you are doing has no value. That its stupid, no one will show up, it’s going to be awkward. People don’t like to talk about deep issues. Leave that person alone, they won’t listen anyways. They are not on your level etc etc…. Let me tell you something. Rebuke them and keep it moving. When God ordains an event or what my friends like to say, a Holy Spirit appointment, trust me, the timing is always right. The person or people will be put in the position to listen, because God has been working on them, for that moment. Don’t believe the lies of the enemy.

I remember at one point my mind felt like a tunnel. All the voices were shouting loud that stop doing what I’m doing but it was as if I was walking through this tunnel. Trying to get to the goal. I may walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I SHALL FEAR NO EVIL. Get in the habit of binding these spirits, rebuking them and keeping your plans going. Bind and rebuke. Bind and rebuke. They know what power you behold if you do what God is asking of you, but do you know? They are scarred of you… don’t be scarred of them.

4. Keep Your Eye On the Goal

Stay focused. What is main goal God wants you to achieve? Focus on that. Always. The plan you and the Holy Spirit have created is in the works. God had breathed his breath onto your words and actions. Life is being produced by what you are asked to do! Stay focused, God never left.

5.Tell A Trusted Friend(s) 

Some may agree and others may not. But this worked for me. For me, I surround myself with Christian men and women. Those who are actively pursuing the heart of God. Therefore, when led, I feel comfortable telling them my plans. They were awesome encourages of what my fellowship was about. Also, I don’t like going back on my word. Therefore, they held me accountable. I can’t create all this hype and then fall through. That’s not a good look. Plus, they provided their resources when they could to help me achieve the goal. God’s help comes in various forms. Whether it is encouragement, or the kick you needed to continue. Take him up on his help, no matter what form it comes.

6. Remember God is Not Using You For Your Own Benefit

10 times out of 10, what God asks of us is to benefit others. The article you may need to write, the conference you need to plan, the song you need to sing, The conversation you need to have, is all for others. Therefore, take yourself out of the equation. This was one thing I have to always remember. If I don’t do this, who will be affected? Push the feeling of fear aside, and worry and focus on those who you are reaching. Always remember, people are waiting on your obedience. No matter how small you think the task is, trust me, if God asked you to do it, its significant. It’s not about you.

7. If One Person Was Touched, You Have Done Your Job

Think about this… You may have put on a whole event, for one person. Just ONE. I literally had to pray to God through all the doubt that, if one person is touched by this conversation, let me be satisfied. God will use whoever is available to do a job. He will use you to fetch the 1 sheep that left the 99. Real talk. You have to be ok that even if you expected 20 people to show up and only 5 do, those 5 people were meant to be there. I invited God knows how many people to my fellowship. Some, who promised, never came. Those, whom I didn’t expect to come, showed up. It varied, but if one was catered to, I’m cool with that.

Watch God take your obedience and turn it into something great! More people may show up next time. The person you spoke to may not only receive what you spoke to them about but actually start living it out. The song you used to sing that only touched a few, may have everyone rolled out on the floor receiving a supernatural meeting with the Holy Spirit. You don’t know what your obedience will do. Just keep doing it! Plus, you gain more confidence in God. If you did it once, you can do it again. This is faith-building 10x! What has God been asking of you recently that you have started or may be reluctant to start? I’m interested in what those may be. We can encourage each other. Till next time…

Bye Friend! 

Oluwadamilola Oshodi

Oluwadamilola known as Dammy is a 22 year old college student in the city of Miami. She is a photographer, organizer, bible reader, cupcake eater and traveller.

How did she discover Christ? She was 10 years old and met a wonderful woman all the way in England!  who just had the spirit of the lord dwelling in her. Something about her made Dammy want to be like her. God birthed a burning desire to know his word in Dammy which gave her room to have a personal relationship with him. It’s never left since then.