How Accepting Our Feelings of Inadequacy Can Really Build Up Strength


Why are several Christians today afraid of delving deeper into the roots of their personal inadequacies(character flaws which lead to sin and unbelief such as bad habits, secret sins, temporary bouts of fear…etc.)?

We live in a day and an age where we’re inadvertently taught by our growing culture, to mask our inadequacies; Pretending to have the happiest relationships when our marriages are crumbling. Assuring ourselves that our families are intact when our children are really wayward. Speaking ‘life’ over others when we’re secretly fighting the same demons. Preaching Purity when we’re struggling with lust.Telling others and ourselves that, God is good to uswhen we’ve got a mounting bitterness towards Him because of growing failures. If God could expose the condition of some of our hearts, some of us would never imagine how we might perhaps be an argument away from years of developing unforgiveness or a tragedy away from cursing God and developing a suicidal spirit. We basically refuse to let others know that we may be going through a wilderness period because we fail to admit it to ourselves, first and foremost. We pile up imperfection upon imperfection; inadequacy upon inadequacy, hurt upon hurt and mask them under the best religious guise; ‘I am Blessed and Highly Favoured’

Masked inadequacies, which are never dealt with, create a forever broken spirit and a crushed heart.

So why do some Christians mask their inadequacies?There can be several reasons, several of which are intricately intertwined with our personal lives and experiences but one thing is for sure, the culture we live in plays a major role in this. Images on TV, tweets, Facebook post and pictures and other cultural trends bombard us daily with "perfect" images about perfect people, and their perfect jobs, perfect spouses, perfect marriages, perfect gifts and overall the overt false representations of a 'perfect life'. No wonder people never linger towards 'imperfections' anymore because we're too busy trying to make our lives 'perfect' for people to see that we've got it all together...when most of us are crumbling within.

One of the dangers in succumbing to the practices of this culture is that we're a society that is losing touch and dare I say, has lost touch with the true essence of Character, and developing our characters in Christ.Hear this: Living under the false assumption that you've 'arrived' does not speak of your character but rather validates you as another social media statistic.

However, our inadequacies can be viewed as a blessing in disguise when we begin to perceive them in the light God’s Word. Now this word "blessing" is used, not in the sense where one embraces their weaknesses and tells themselves that they can never do better, but a blessing in the sense that God has never waited for a better opportunity to show you how much He loves you, how much He wants to work in you, heal you, restore you, and once again glorify Himself through you.

How can we allow God to work through our deepest fears, closet prayers and personal struggles? We need to go back to being authentic with God...Moses gives us one of the best examples of someone whose growth in character progressed only through his full dependence on God. The man was practically a coward without God. He cried to God, doubted God even tested God but in the end, God worked through the authenticity of His weaknesses and his consistent faith to give him true victory. Moses, one of the most insecure and inadequate men became a Winning man in the eyes of God. You know, the kind of victory that is talked about generations after his death. That kind of victorious legacy, which exists beyond time. Moses was real. The kind of real that promises you Eternal victory. Victory in his heart, mind, spirit and in the Heavenly realm- True Victory. We must take note that victory, however, is not synonymous to perfection as were so often bombarded with. Victory comes from within and translates itself externally. A victorious person produces good fruits, has character, doesn't live for themselves but for people and leaves a legacy in their sphere of influence and beyond.

When we shift our gaze from self-consciousness to God-consciousness and decide to stop with the pretenses and face our Goliaths head on, we come to realize that these inadequacies create an opportunity for Him to extend His grace towards us and eventually reveal His glory in us. It simply gives us a greater testimony of His power.

We must all embrace our feelings of inadequacy so that God can work through the skeletons in our closets and ultimately build our Character. As Paul shares with us in Romans 53-5, we should always rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

Louise des Bordes

Louise des Bordes has a Passion for young women, and desire to see all women walk in confidence, power, wholeness and the fullness of their redefinition in Christ. She is the Founder of Eve Redefined Ministries, primarily a Christian conference ministry for young women, the mission is to inspire young women in Africa to lead full, authentic and empowered lives in Christ.


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