God Wants to Be Intimate With You


I was talking with a friend last week and she told me that Jesus spoke to her and he said that every day when we are sleeping He can’t wait for us to open our eyes so that He can just be with us. Whoa! Can you imagine? God, the Lord, Almighty God, the creator of heaven and earth, the one who commands the sun to rise and fall, watches and waits for me to open my eyes each morning so that he can spend time with me!

I don’t think we often realize that God gets excited about spending time with us. It makes Him so happy to simply just be with you! Often times when we talk about intimacy with God we are told about how spending time with Him will fill us but we need to understand that spending quality time with Him satisfies and brings Him joy too. He does not need us in the way we need Him, but He absolutely does want us!

As I sit here and listen to one of my favorite worship songs, ‘Good, Good Father,’ I cannot help but to think about how intimate our Father wants to be with us! At this moment, I hear him saying, Daughter, I want to be closer to you. I want to be more intimate with you.  It is so beautiful that the lyrics of this song says, “as you call me deeper still into love, love, love” because there is no limit to how close and intimate you can be with him. Sister, He adores you. As a matter of fact, He is in love with you! Yes, I will say it again He is absolutely, totally in love with you!! There is no good thing He will withhold from you as He did not even withhold his own Son.

Today, I challenge you to receive and mediate on the love God has for you. It will change your life. I have been challenged to do this and I am challenging you to do the same, but a challenge it truly is because often times we get so busy trying to show how much we love God that we don’t stop to be loved by God.  Honestly, you really CANNOT love God until you have received his love first (I John 4:19).  When you get still in His presence and receive His love he teaches you how to genuinely love Him in the way He desires to be loved.  You may ask, “How do I do this?” Here is one powerful scripture that illustrates how we can become more intimate with God.

“She had a sister named Mary, who seated herself at the Lord’s feet and was continually listening to His teaching.”  Luke 10:39 AMP (Bible Gateway)

I want to point out to you that the scripture says that Mary “seated herself at the Lord’s feet.” This says to us that we must be intentional about going before the Lord and “seating ourselves” in His presence ready to hear what He has to say. Her being seated showed that she was rightly positioned to receive from God. Next, it said that she was “continually listening to His teaching.” This shows us that intimacy with God is not a one-time thing. We must “continually” spend time with Him to receive from Him and to develop the relationship that He desires to for us to have with Him. God revealed this to me and I thought it was important to share with you today.  He is inviting you on a journey to discover what it truly means to have an intimate relationship with Him. Will you join Him?

Margaret Oaikena

Margaret Oaikena is a 27-year-old woman who is passionate about sharing the love of God with others and inspiring young adults to live out their purpose. She currently gets to do this in her work as an Outreach Coordinator at a non-profit where she manage a mentoring program that helps high school students to get to college. 

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