A few weeks ago, I shared a word with over 25 beautiful ladies who attended the very first Woman of Purpose fellowship of the year. It was such an incredible time and I got to meet some of the most kind spirited women ever. The environment was a safe place, warm and inviting for each woman to feel at home and be open at the lovely Headspace Dallas

Each woman was asked three questions: 

  1. Who is your closest friend? 
  2. Why is this your closest friend? 
  3. And, what is your purpose? 

It was interesting to hear the responses. Some women were very specific in stating their purpose, others were still trying to figure it out and some didn't have a clue. What intrigued me the most was what some of the woman had to say about their closest friend. 

Some of the ladies said.........

"She helps me grow!"

"She walks with me!"

"I can be open with her and she tells me the truth!"

"She wants the best for me!"

"She always gives me the best advice!"

"She's always there for me!"

"She listens to me!"

"I can trust her!"

After listening to each response, it made perfect sense why our most intimate relationship should be with God. We went on a journey on learning how to be intimate with our life partner. Developing a relationship with someone occurs in phases. You go deeper and deeper and you discover things about one another. Some of these things are good and some bad. In our relationship with God, as we go into the deep with him, we discover more about our calling and purpose.

I wanted to make sure a video recap was provided to those of you who couldn't join us in Dallas, Texas. 


I want to see all of your lovely faces on March 25th, 2016 for Part 2 of this bible study series, "Giving Up Your Plan For The Master's Plan!" It's going to be loads of fun. For those of you in the Dallas area, feel free to go ahead and register and bring a friend. 

I love you all of you so much and can't wait for all of us to be together again, 


Love you loads, 


Jessica Chinyelu


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