"Have You Become a Professional Bridesmaid?"

"Have You Become a Professional Bridesmaid?"

I was out having dinner with a few close friends last night and we began discussing weddings and how every time you read your news feed on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, someone is now ENGAGED! You now get the lovely honor of being asked to be a bridesmaid in the wedding. One of the ladies then says she was asked to be in six weddings last year and she felt like she was becoming a "professional bridesmaid!" This friend in particular is not married, but I will state that she is an awesome woman of God. 

We all laughed and chatted about the good things and bad things when it comes to being a bridesmaid, but when I got home, it made me think about the story of the ten bridesmaids in the Book of Matthew. 

I believe many of us get stuck in being "professional bridesmaids" that we never make it to actually meeting the bridegroom. We focus on the wedding day, the husband, the ring, the dress, Oh God where is my Adam? and then forget to say, " God, show me JESUS!" 

We live in a culture that places emphasis on the wedding day, but not enough emphasis on the foundation and literal meaning of what a wedding is really supposed to be and represent. We live in a culture where marriage has become an idol and a fantasy and many of us have decided to only get close to Jesus because we desire a marriage and a relationship. We must first embrace our relationship with Jesus before entering our earthly marriages. 

I replayed Matthew 25 verses 1-13  in my mind over and over again just thinking, "I don't want to be a "professional bridesmaid. I want to be the bride and meet MY bridegroom!" 

I refuse to be foolish and not be ready when bridegroom arrives. You never know the day or the hour. 

My prayer is that you will not just see this as a typical blog post, but actually share this with a friend who may be single, discouraged and waiting. JESUS can literally do anything and everything. Just trust HIM, OBEY HIM and don't become foolish while waiting like the bible calls the foolish bridesmaids, but what I would like to call, "professional bridesmaids."

God bless you friends, 

Jessica Ezeanya