Woman of Purpose presents….. Dinner & Dialogue

A gathering of 30 + women in an intimate, laid back, positive atmosphere. The concept of Dinner & Dialogue embodies connecting, community and building.  Many times we find ourselves suffering in silence, needing answers to questions from the daily problems we face or as women we choose a life of #nonewfriends.  We miss out on the opportunity to have authentic conversations where we can truly learn and grow as individuals in every area of our lives. We freely dialogue on a variety of topics in a room where shame, fear, and guilt DOES NOT exist. We bring out the courage and authenticity for you to be open and free.


We understand that every woman is given the gift of wisdom. After all, “wisdom” is referenced in the bible as a “she.” So every woman has a voice and a message of wisdom that deserves to be heard. And believe it or not, there is always going to be someone in the room whose heart resonates with what you’ve share. No need to be in room full of powerhouses and choose to keep silent out of fear of what people think of you or embarrassed because your think no one else can possibly be dealing with what you’re facing. 

Woman of Purpose provides the opportunity to connect with a tribe of women building one another up through authentic community. 


What you learn when you choose to Dinner & Dialogue:

Surround yourself with people who understand positivity, passion and purpose. Research proves that the human mind has 12,000-60,000 thoughts per day and 80 percent of those thoughts are negative. With a mind full of so much negativity, it’s vital for our well being to be in the presence of those who are always affirming, loving and encouraging us to press forward towards our ultimate goal in life. At Dinner & Dialogue we pray, equip, encourage, and empower by providing resources to help you live a life of HAPPY. 


Asking questions is the source of all knowledge. Ever feel afraid to ask a question because it may be a stupid one? There is no stupid question. In fact, as women we should be asking more questions to help us grow. And we’re all looking to come up in life. Questions help us learn new things that can lead to something wonderful. At Dinner and Dialogue we create a safe place for women to get their questions answered. 


People are assigned to you that need to hear your testimony! “We need to share our story. Now with everyone but with someone. There is someone who is like you were. And she needs to know what God can do. Your honest portrayal of your past may be the courage for another’s future.” - Max Lucado. At Dinner and Dialogue many of the women got the opportunity to speak on the mic and share their heart with the entire room. 


Your gifts make room for you and there are gifts you have yet to discover. Being around a group of powerhouse women can bring out the best in you. Many times you will begin to ponder on those things you used to do and discover it’s actually a valuable treasure God placed within you to impact the world or to build and create wealth. At Dinner and Dialogue we share tips on how to dig deep for your inner inheritance.


Books to feed your soul and make it whole! Knowledge is ONLY power when applied. Each woman went around the room and shared their daily routine plus life changing books they’ve read. Check out the books below and make them one of your reads for this year. 

Power Panel

Woman of Purpose Power Panel is an encouraging discussion for all the women in our tribe. Women sent in their questions and we picked the top 10 to dialogue about for the evening. We discussed everything from friendships, networking, how to profit from your passion, to balancing being a woman of God in this present world. Motivational speakers Rachel Proctor (@rachellproctor), Viema Perez (@viemaeperez), and Michelle Priest (@themichellepriest) shared some powerful insight to keep us all on our toes. 

What others are saying about Woman of Purpose: Dinner & Dialogue

“Wonderful experience a blessing to meet and hear from women of all ages who love the Lord! Thx to our hostess and leader and the panelists who poured out of their hearts nuggets and insights to help us with our relationships with each other, life, business, and most importantly our God! Jessica, I look forward to future events and moments of fellowship! Peace and blessings to all!!!” - Cynthia
“Wonderful dinner and dialogue with a group of awesome ladies. Would definitely attend another meeting.” - Sheena
“I really enjoyed it. God showed up in everyone woman. How Awesome. I can't wait for the next event.” - Elizabeth
“I had a great time! What a blessing it was to meet and see everyone...I'm looking forward to the next one!” - Shenikah
“I had a wonderful time very uplifting and encouraging for me!” - Tamara


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Peace and blessings loves, 


Jessica Chinyelu


P.S. - Save the Date……… WOMAN OF PURPOSE CONFERENCE 2017 DATES - September 22-23, 2017. You don’t want to miss out. Pre-registration begins Wednesday, April 19th. I cannot wait because it’s the BIGGEST event for our tribe where we all come together for a life changing experience. You definitely do not want to miss out. Stay tuned……..





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